Bringing the Outside In: My Guide to Indoor Plants

Spring has officially sprung in Houston! Not only has the weather been gorgeous the past couple weeks, but have you seen the azaleas around town?! I love driving around right now and seeing all the beautiful pink, fuchsia, red, and white blooms! But Spring isn’t just about your front flower beds, but your inside plants too! 

Growing things inside can be finicky, and quite the test of your green thumb, but with some attention and care, you can have beautiful plants both inside and out. If you study any great interior or shelter magazine spread you will always find something green. I’ve listed a few of my favorite indoor plants with care instructions below!

My favorite place to shop locally for plants, is Tall Plants on Katy Freeway. I frequent there often. Here's my little helper, Byrdie, helpin' momma pick out some plants for a client! 


Closet Plants: Also known as the Peace Lily. I’ve got one of these in the middle of my dining table in a huge brass container I picked up at an antique mall and I love the deep green waxy leaves and life it brings when I don't have my table set. These are super easy to take care of and far more tolerant of under watering than overwatering if you happen to forget. Just touch the soil and see if it’s dry. If it is, water it. If it’s not, don’t. Easy peasy. I put mine in the sink once a week and give it a good watering and add fertilizer. Done. Closet plants are a great place to start for new indoor gardeners!

Myrtle Topiaries: Love me a good topiary. They add a great manicured look to a space. You can find the best Myrtle Topiaries at Thompson Hanson, here in Houston, but they always sell out so check with them before you go. Good drainage is important with topiaries, and the soil should be nice and damp. They love sunlight too so put their pots near a window. 

Maidenhair Ferns: See the plant below on the coffee table. I love these frilly guys and have one in my entryway. These sweet plants are delicate and light and a beautiful shade of green. They like low light and moist, but not entirely wet soil, liking a little bit of water everyday. I take mine into the bathroom and spritz it with a water bottle almost every day. They can be testy and a bit high maintenance, but I promise the reward of enjoying this beauty is worth it!

 The Home of Gary Hagar, Long Island

The Home of Gary Hagar, Long Island

A question I get all the time is where to find unique pots for your indoor plants. Don't shop at the nursery for containers, but instead keep an eye out for interesting cache pots and containers at antique stores, flea markets and home stores. A decorative bowl or basket can serve as a container for your plants. Just don't pot the plant in the container itself. Keep it in it's original plastic, then take it out and place in a sink to water it thoroughly, allowing it to drain. Then, put it back in it's decorative container with a plastic saucer inside to collect further drips and protect the container. Boom! You've got a cute pot and a healthy plant! 

Last, while planning out your spring blooms or doing a revamp of your flower beds, plant flowers and greenery that you love outside, just as much as in. Clipping a few azaleas right now and putting them in a vase in your family room or kitchen adds some freshness and pretty color. Skip the store bought flowers, and enjoy your own! Heck, you’ve worked hard in those flower beds! 

What are your favorite indoor plants? Let me know in the comments below! Enjoy the cooler temperatures while you can and happy gardening!