Crushing on Blush

Oh February, the month of LOVE.  There's a lot to love around my house this month, it's my husband's birthday month and also my twins who will be turning one!  And with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, one thing I’m LOVING right now is…ALL THINGS BLUSH!

Pink has always been one of my favorite colors - it's soft, warm, and flattering on everyone and it keeps showing up in my design palettes! I’m loving the subtle feminine touch and softness it brings. Blush is a color I can use as an accent to a room or in a full blown design scheme. From wallpaper to chairs to rugs to lamps and everything in between, blush keeps popping up on my radar. And I’m truly smitten with it! 

Some of my favorite palettes lately have been combining blush with unexpected partners, like forest green, a rusty orange, and mustard yellow. The blush brings a good, soft contrast to these bolder partners. When I went to Dallas Market recently, it seemed like everything I was picking out was blush! 

I’ve curated some fun pieces I’m blushing over (see what I did there….) for you to shop and add to your spaces that need a little touch of blush! 

Happy Month of Love my friends! May your Valentine’s Day be sweet and special!