Round Top Rundown

It’s the time of year again!  Round Top!  Every fall and spring antique dealers from all across the country converge into the tiny town of Round Top (population 90) in Fayette County and set up shop at various tents and venues along Highway 237.  This little show has grown and grown and grown and is now almost 3 weeks long.  I go every time and shop for my clients, usually with a long shopping list, but it’s also fun even if you just browse. 


Yesterday morning I decided at the last minute that it was a good day to get some early shopping in, so Clint and I drove up there and stopped at Market Hill (my favorite new venue), The Compound, and Excess II.  I was coming down with a cold and it was hot as hell in the afternoon so we headed back a little earlier than I normally would, but we still had a blast and found some great pieces.  I’ll be going back next week to Marburger Farms with my favorite shopping partner, my momma.

Here are some of my favorite finds from yesterday:

Round Top Tips:

Just go!  I can’t tell you how many friends I have that have been telling me for years that they want to go but just haven’t.  It’s a little overwhelming, yes, but just grab your mom, a girlfriend, your partner, and just go!  Especially for my Houston friends, it’s such an easy day trip, and once you go – you’ll get it, I promise!

Bring a cooler.  Pack some bottled water, healthy snacks, and a few beers.  While there is plenty of food options out there, it’s sometimes easier to bring your own.  And by the early afternoon, you’ll usually find me wandering with a cold beer in my hand (don’t forget your koozies!)

It’s not a fashion show.  Some people don’t mind this rule, but seriously dress comfortably and especially for this fall show – dress for the blazing hot summer heat because let’s be honest, fall doesn’t really show up in Texas until November if we’re lucky. 

Extras to have in your bag – Tape measure, checkbook, cash, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, tissue or toilet paper (they sometimes run out), hat, sunglasses.

If you’re planning on buying furniture bring a truck or large SUV if you can.  I’ll often borrow my brother-in-law’s truck just so I can try to get a few things back myself.  If you do this, bring some bungie cords, rope, and blankets to protect your purchases.  They also have shippers available there if you buy something large or don’t have the means to bring it back yourself.


Do some reading up before you go.  Most of these tents are free so you just drive up and park and walk around then move on to the next one.  Some are so big, you really need a day to explore (Marburger is like this).  My favorite spots are Blue Hills, Excess and Excess II, The Arbors, Marburger Farm, and Market Hill.  If you’re more interested in junk/yard sale type items go down to the tents in Warrenton (I’ve found some great accessories and weird vintage items down there but you have to dig and be patient). 

Love this write up by the ladies at Renovate here in Houston.

Another great map and schedule.


If you have any specific questions feel free to reach out or comment here!  I'd love to help and happy shopping!  

xo, L